Sunday, 21 April 2013

Multi Level Marketing - MLM (in a SMARTer ways)

Below are a few tips that you should consider before you join any MLM company: Actually MLM is an awesome thing if you know how to use it.

1. Before you even signup with any company always look at the products they are selling. Are they affordable? Are they sellable? Will there be reorders?Are they high quality products. How many product they have? If below 20 products, difficult for you to go far in this business coz, The products are the business. BUT E-COSWAY HAS THESE ADVANTAGE. THEY HAVE MORE THAN 5000 PRODUCTS, WITH THE MONTHLY FAVOURABLE PROMOTIONAL PRICE AND OFFERS, THEY OFFER COUPON FOR OUR CUSTOMER TO REDEEM, AND MANU MORE!

2.Next is the business plan. Are there unearthly quota's to be met before you can see any money? Are there extra bonusses and incentives on top of your comission?Always take a good look at the business plan as that will determine if you can make money or not. E-COSWAY HAS THIS ADVANTAGE : THEY GIVE YOU A PHARMACY SHOP WORTH RM 1 MILLION AT ONLY RM5000 CAPITAL, THEY OFFER YOU RETAIL PROFIT, BRANCH OVERRIDES, BRANCH PERFORMANCE INCENTIVE, EXTRA INCENTIVE AND MANY MORE...

3.Now we look at the company. Is it a credible company. How long have they been around for? Are there other branches overseas for instance? Are they properly licenced, like direct selling licence and also multilevel marketing licence.Could there be any forseeable problems in the future? This is precaution that the company wont just bungkus and cabut. E-COSWAY IS A SUBSIDIARY COMPANY OF BERJAYA GROUP.

4. And lastly and will say the most importantly is the support. Is the business dedicated in helping you succeed? Is it your Upline ia capable enough to coach you succeed? Is there support and training to help in the tough times?
For eg. E-Cosway Franchise Store Program, I received called that many people never been called for the interview, you know why? According to E-Cosway management there are about 3,800 applicants on the waiting list, so make sure again, you get a GOOD TEAM to help you out to hook you up fast for the interview date Just to let you guys know i am not trying to sell my MLM business (E-COSWAY FRANCHISE STORE) altough i am lucky enough to find a good company and a great Team that has ALL OF THE ABOVE.

No doubt that multilevel marketing has got a bad wrap over years and this is because people just cannot accept that making money is EASY!!! All you need is the know how about making money and someone to guide you. So guys, please consider before you choose any business to run and must choose the right TEAM who gonna coach you until you get what you dream for.

Kepada semua bakal Usahawan, If you want to own a Franchise Pharmacy Shop (E-Cosway) with low capital, please call the following well trained person :


SHAH ALAM - YUSRI 0193579510
KLANG - FIRA 0196695474
JOHOR BAHRU - AS 0127299032


Monday, 15 April 2013

Pendapatan Store Operator eCOSWAY

Pendapatan yang akan diperolehi sebagai pemilik Kedai Farmasi eCOSWAY :
  1. Komisyen 15% drp jualan barangan Others 
  2. Komisyen 10% bagi setiap pembelian barangan Cosway oleh mana-mana ahli Cosway Farmasi di seluruh Malaysia
  3. Insentif cawangan "override"
  4. Insentif prestasi cawangan 
  5. Insentif tambahan
Proses memiliki kedai ini akan memakan masa antara 3 hingga 6 bulan bergantung kepada kesungguhan dan komitmen yang anda berikan. Jika anda yang kami cari hubungi saya segera di talian (019-6758251) bagi mendapatkan maklumat dan bimbingan seterusnya menyertai kami.

SE PENDANT (germanium stone)


  • Dihasilkan daripada batu gunung berapi buatan Korea.
  • Menghasilkan skalar energy, ion negatif, infrared dan germanium stone yg mana setiap bahan-bahan ini mempunyai kebaikan tersendiri
  •  99.999% batu germanium - natural pain killer bagi sakit badan, batuk dan lain-lain
  • Skala energy - bagi semangat dan tenaga
  • Negatif ion - buang toksin, halang radiasi (komputer,hp,tv dan lain-lain)
  • Infra red-melancarkan peredaran darah

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